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Whether you’re treating someone else or gifting yourself, The Hydra Perfection Gift set contains three of our must-have products to hydrate, moisturise and nourish the skin.


What’s in the box:

  • Hydra Perfection Active Moisturiser 50ml,
  • Hydra Perfection Active Eye Cream 20ml


Hydra Perfection Active Moisturiser 50ml- A refreshing, hydrating cream for all skin types. Formulated with Hydro-Nutri Extreme, it delivers hydration and nourishment to all layers of the skin, fighting dryness and strengthening the skin’s lipid barrier. Hydra Perfection Active Eye Cream20ml- A hydrating formula, packed with decongestant active ingredients that fight bags and dark circles. It contains Glyco-Arginine, an active ingredient that fights and visibly reduces the appearance of premature skin ageing.


Hydra Perfection Active Moisturiser 50ml- Apply morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin and massage gently to promote absorption. Hydra Perfection Active Eye Cream 20ml- Apply morning and evening to the eye contour and massage until fully absorbed.


DIBI Hydra Perfection Gift box

SKU: PF022768
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