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Whether you’re treating someone else or gifting yourself, The Procellular 365 Gift set contains three of our must-have products to strengthen, repair and sooth the skin.

Procellular 365 Nutri-Age Cream 50ml- It performs an anti-oxidant, regenerating and nourishing action on the skin.
Proven effectiveness: anti-age, it stimulates cellular longevity, detoxifying, it helps eliminate harmful toxins for the skin; pro-resilience, improves the ability to withstand external aggressions and repair itself. Procellular 365 Bi-Liquid Treatment 14x2ml- Two intensive treatment phases in a single product: an oily phase, concentrated with select plant ingredients, anti-oxidant and emollient, combined with an active water phase with soothing, protective and anti-age action.


Set Contents:

  • Procellular 365 Nutri-Age Cream 50ml,
  • Procellular 365 Bi-Liquid Treatment 14x2ml


How To Use:

Procellular 365 Nutri-Age Cream 50ml- Apply the product to face, neck and decolleté, massaging until fully absorbed. Procellular 365 Bi-Liquid Treatment 14x2ml- Using the specific vial-opener, break the cap where it is marked by the ring and insert the dispenser spout, shake the product well, apply to face, neck and decolleté and massage until fully absorbed. Ideal as a night treatment.

DIBI Milano Procellular 365 Gift Set

SKU: PF022771
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