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  • Shock treatment that leaves the body looking more even, toning the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite and excess fluid.


    The kit contains 6 pre-soaked bandages (2 per treatment) designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, water retention, and “orange peel” skin.


    The treatment has an instant, refreshing effect that leaves the body feeling lighter and improves the skin's texture.


    This product has also been tested on menopausal women.


    The fabric and the length of the bandages (each 20 cm wide, 7 metres long) has been carefully designed for easy, quick, and comfortable application suitable for all body types.


    SKU: PF022352
      • Lay a bath towel on the sofa or bed
      • Place a mat and the polyethylene coverall on the floor.
      • If you get cold easily, warm up the bandages, in their packaging, by placing them in hot water for 10 minutes; if you prefer a refreshing effect, apply the bandages right out of the packaging.
      • If you have a mirror, try taking a selfie to compare your skin's appearance before and after the treatment.



      • Use scissors to open one of the packages. Remove the bandage and begin winding it around your right leg, wrapping outwards, from your toes until it reaches under your bust.
      • Open another package, take out the second bandage and repeat the process for your left leg.
      • Allow 2-3 centimetres of overlap as you wrap the bandage over itself to create light tension.
      • Put on the polyethylene coverall, close it over your abdomen, and lie down - cover yourself with a light blanket if you wish.
      • Relax for at least 50 minutes.
      • Remove the bandages, pat dry with a towel, or take a shower and dispose of the bandages in the mixed waste bin.



      • To reduce and prevent the appearance of cellulite and excess water retention.
      • To firm your body and feel your best.
      • For a detox effect on bloated days.
      • For special occasions, as a last-minute shock treatment with a “wow” effect.
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