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  • Ready-to-wear leggings, ideal for intensive treatment performed in the comfort of the home, to improve the appearance of the skin.

    Simple, convenient, and effective intensive treatment formulated with active ingredients chosen for their ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite, minimise uncomfortable swelling and heaviness, and drain excess liquids.

    Drains the body, minimises the appearance of stubborn cellulite, reactivates micro-circulation in the skin, and reduces feelings of swelling and heaviness.


    3 pre-soaked leggings + 3 polyethylene suits


    SKU: PF025556
      • Open one of the envelopes and remove the pre-soaked leggings.
      • Put them on.
      • Put on the polyethylene suit, fasten it over your abdomen. Optional: lie down and cover yourself with a throw blanket.
      • Relax for at least 40 minutes.
      • Remove the polyethylene suit and the leggings. Blot the treatment area with a towel or take a shower. Dispose of the used leggings with mixed rubbish.

      • The fabric and the length of the leggings were designed for quick, practical application and to suit for all bodies.

        The one-size leggings treat the area from under the bust to the ankles.
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