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DIBI Milano Body Cell Rewind Draining Detox Anti-Cellulite Cream is a body cream that favors the detoxifying effect and the drainage of excess liquids, promoting local microcirculation in areas affected by orange peel skin.


From the very first applications, the legs are immediately lighter and more relaxed with a pleasant refreshing sensation. The cutting-edge active ingredients of Cell Rewind are: Phospho Glicell, extracted from the Quinoa plant, promotes the drainage of toxins and improves capillary resistance. Caffeine with known draining properties, is particularly effective on the main imperfections of cellulite. Escin which promotes superficial microcirculation. Apply daily to the areas of the body to be treated, massaging with circular movements from bottom to top. Without rinsing.


DIBI Milano Body Cell Rewind Capsule Shock Anti-Cellulite 14 x 4.5 ml is a localized shock treatment for the body that guarantees maximum effectiveness against cellulite and fat blemishes. Remodeling and draining action on orange peel and "mattress" skin. The biodegradable single-dose capsules contain a soft vegetable gelatin which is immediately absorbed by the skin.


The cutting-edge active ingredients of Cell Rewind are: A complex formed by Green Coffee Oil and Grape Extract with reducing and antioxidant properties, helps to counteract orange peel skin by stimulating the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Ginger extract improves the appearance of the skin on the legs, reduces water retention, improves microcirculation and protects the microvascular environment. Remove the capsule cap by rotating it, and apply the entire content, massaging until completely absorbed. Make circular movements, starting from the ankles and going up towards the buttocks. Evening use is recommended. The cosmetic action of the product does not lead to weight loss.

Cell Rewind Kit DIBI

SKU: PF023164
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