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Minimise skin imperfections and reduce the signs of chrono and photo-ageing with the DIBI Milano Acid Infusion No-Age Bioactivating Treatment (14x2ml).


This powerful treatment from DIBI Milano contains two different solutions. The antioxidant solution boasts a blend of acids, which brightens and evens your complexion, and combats environmental stress. The multi-corrective solution is formulated with Vitamin C and Retinol, which helps to improve elasticity, relax your facial features and restore your skin’s youthful appearance.


DIBI Milano Acid Infusion No-Age Bioactivating Treatment is supplied in 14 x 2ml vials.

DIBI Acid Infusion No-Age Bioactivating Treatment

SKU: PF020960
  • Shake well then use the special vial opener to break the cap where it is marked by the ring and apply to the face and neck before your usual cream, massaging until fully absorbed. Start the treatment with the Anti-Oxidant Solution then continue with the Multi-Corrective Solution.

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