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  • Anti Cellulite Draining Wraps are a Super treatment, reduces the orange peel effect, immediately visible result. Designed to counteract the visible effects of cellulite and have healthier and more beautiful skin.

    Reduces the orange peel effect and water retention, improving the drainage of excess fluids in the tissues. It also promotes microcirculation and the elimination of toxins, increasing the resistance of the capillary walls, thanks to the combination of quinoa extract and escin. In this way it gives a feeling of lightness and well-being to the whole organism.

    It is a practical and quick to apply product, which acts on all forms of cellulite (edemosa, compact and soft) thanks to the high caffeine content.

    The package includes 6 bandages each 7 meters long and 20 cm high. The Dibi Mission Cell Dren Anticellulite Bandage kit allows you to perform 3 treatments.


    • Fights cellulite
    • Reduces the imperfections of "orange peel"
    • Promotes the elimination of toxins
    • Reduces swelling of the legs
    • Improves the functionality of the microcirculation by counteracting water retention
    • Allows you to get back in shape and feel better about your body
    • Last minute shock treatment for a special occasion

    DIBI Body Mision CellDren

    SKU: PF022352
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