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Combat under-eye bags and dark circles with the Hydra Perfection Active Eye Contour Cream from DIBI Milano. The cream’s rich, hydrating formula is packed with decongestant active ingredients that helps refresh, hydrate and strengthen the area around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types.

Available in 20ml.


The Hydra Perfection Active Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream is designed to lessen dehydration symptoms and restore freshness to the eyes. It is well known for its decongestant properties to combat puffy eyes and dark circles by boosting microcirculation. It contains caffeine and peptide complex.


Benefits include:

• Preventing early skin ageing.

• Is Glycol Arginine-containing.

• Reduces the appearance of premature skin ageing and combats it.

• Refreshes the eyes with new vitality.

• A nourishing and moisturising effect.


A melting cream devoid of colourants and scent, the Active Moisturizing Eye Contour Cream was created especially for the sensitive eye contour region.

As a result, the eye contour is fed, moisturised, and strengthened, and ageing indications are reduced.

For all skin types and all seasons, it is advised.

DIBI Hydra Perfection Active Eye Contour Cream

SKU: PF021712
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