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Purify and mattify acne and blemish-prone skin with the Pure Equalizer Bi-Phasic Astringent Toner from DIBI Milano. This two-phase tonic lotion completes your daily cleansing routine.

The liquid phase purifies and tightens the pores, counteracting clogging which causes spots. Meanwhile, the mixture of mattifying and sebum-absorbent powders minimises the pores for an even skin appearance. Thanks to the active ingredients, the presence of micro-organisms that cause skin blemishes is normalised.

Activity in two phases to tone. In order to remove blockages, the liquid phase cleans and tightens the pores, while mattifying and sebum-absorbing powders reduce pore size.

Because not all flaws are the same, DIBI MILANO’s first professional cosmetic collection is designed particularly to address combination and oily skin as well as impure skin that is prone to acne.

Skin that is clean and matte, with an even complexion, reduced pore size, and improved skin texture. A healthy-looking face in just 10 workdays.

The Pure Equalizer Bi-Phasic Astringent Toner  is available in 250ml.

DIBI Pure Equalizer Bi-Phasic Astringent Toner

SKU: PF013674
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