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Purify your skin with the Pure Equalizer Biocellulose Mattifying Mask 5 x 8ml from DIBI Milano.

The mask’s advanced formula rebalances sebum production and refines your skin’s texture. It adheres perfectly to your face so that its ingredients are easily absorbed by your skin, and gives you extreme comfort. Your skin is instantly purified!

Pure Equalizer Biocellulose Mattifying Mask is suitable for oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

A cutting-edge bio-cellulose mask effectively treats pores while balancing sebum production and improving skin texture.

Because not all flaws are the same, DIBI MILANO’s first professional cosmetic collection is designed particularly to address combination and oily skin as well as impure skin that is prone to acne.

Contains 5 single use sachets of 8ml.

DIBI Pure Equalizer Mattifying Biocellulose Mask

SKU: PF013676
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