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  • Shock program signed DIBI MILANO that improves the harmony of the body giving the skin a redefined appearance and diffuses and localized fat.


    Concentrated home treatment for immediate action: a new beauty routine, which follows your rhythms.

    Can be combined with all DIBI MILANO self-care products.


    Kit consisting of:

    3 bandages 20 cm high and 7 meters long each, pre-soaked with 150 ml of active product

    3 polyethylene suits to carry out the treatment at home in comfort


    To be able to carry out 3 wrapping treatments at home.



    The bandage is formulated to reduce, streamline and fight localized fat.

    Specific for the most critical areas of the body, such as buttocks, abdomen and thighs.


    Shock treatment with an immediate enveloping sensation, which improves the texture of the skin and gives a sensation of instant lightness.

    Also tested on menopausal women.



    The silhouette appears slimmer and more defined, the localized fat is reduced, for a more drained and lighter looking body.

    The fabric and length of the bandages have been designed to allow practical, fast, comfortable application and suitable for all bodies, regardless of weight, height and age.

    DIBIMission SlimDren

    SKU: PF023567
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