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  • DIBI MILANO's signature shock treatment improves the body's harmony, redefining the skin and reducing general and targeted fat deposits.


    The wraps are formulated to reduce, slim* and counteract fat deposits. Designed for the body's critical areas including the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Shock treatment that improves the skin's texture and leaves the body feeling immediately soothed and lighter.


    Also tested on menopausal women.


    The result:

    a slimmer, more defined appearance with reduced fat deposits, for a body that looks drained and leaner**. The fabric and the length of the wraps have been designed for quick, easy, and comfortable application on all bodies, regardless of weight, height, or age. *Slimming effects due to cosmetic remodelling, which does not constitute weight loss. **Clinical-instrumental tests performed on Mission Slim Dren wraps.



    3 wraps pre-soaked with 150 ml of solution each + 3 polyethylene suits.


    SKU: PF023567
    • Place a towel on the couch or bed. Lay a mat and the polyethylene suit on the floor. If you are sensitive to cold, warm the unopened wraps in hot water for at least 10 minutes; if you prefer the “refreshing” feeling, use the wraps as they are. Use sewing tape to take your measurements before and after applying the treatment to your critical areas. APPLY THE WRAP: Use scissors to open the envelope and extract the wrap. Choose the area you want to treat (full abdomen, lower abdomen and upper thighs, full thighs only). Start wrapping, applying gentle tension and overlapping the wrap over itself by 2-3 cm with each turn. Put on the polyethylene suit, fasten it over your abdomen and lie down - cover yourself with a light blanket if necessary. Relax for at least 50 minutes. Remove the wrap, use a hand towel to dry off or take a shower. Dispose of the wrap with unsorted rubbish. WHEN TO USE MISSION SLIM DREN: To counteract and reduce fat deposits. To remodel the contours of the body, for a more harmonious silhouette. On days when you feel bloated, or for a detox effect. Before a special occasion, as a last-minute shock treatment for amazing results.

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